Toddler Approved


Mom’s Best Friend…The Boppy Pillow


 Although your muscles are still sore and recovering from the birth of your child, It seems virtually impossible to get more than a couple of hours of sleep. Your clock strikes 3am and your new bundle is yelping for his nighttime feeding. Unable to differentiate between night and day, your child seems to know your body produces the most milk at nighttime. Your body feels like a snail, As you sluggishly get up and try to find the strength to feed your little one. Its takes forever for them to eat or so it seems. The Boppy pillow is just the thing you need to help make things easier.

Keep Your Little One Active And Healthy With A Play Gym!


As a mom sometimes you need a break. Whether its to tidy up, grab a bite, or take a break from feeling like a energizer bunny. Infants love playtime and need stimulation to help develop their bodies and build their brain. Try one of Dj’s favorite play gyms ! You little one will love it and you can finally have a minute to yourself.

Must Have Summer List


School is out and Summer has begun. The summer months include lots of outdoor time whether your at family gatherings , barbecues or just a day at the pool. When getting your little one ready to take on the outdoors a fashionable outfit is the least of your worries. Your child’s safety plays a big role when choosing an outfit. Dressing your child in too little clothing may lead to sunburn and too much clothing  might lead to overheating. Below are some of my favorite items when its time for us to catch some sun.

Make A Splash with The 4MOMS Infant Tub


Rub-a-dub-dub-Time for the tub! As a parent you and your baby both are experiencing things for the first time. You will soon discover the unavoidable messes ahead from food splatters to poopy diaper explosions. You will need to wash your little one in a hurry while they kick, squirm and move those slippery limbs in every position imaginable. When it comes to giving your baby a bath you can turn a nerve wracking experience into a pleasurable one.