Toddler Approved


Ravenwood’s Hidden Gem

This past week my son David and I had a play date with one of his classmates from school. His mother and I were deciding on a place to take the kids and she suggested the Present Place. If you know me I love exploring new places and trying new things! David was so excited to play with one of his best buddies Otto and just run around and be themselves in a kid friendly environment while escaping the winter cold.

David could not wait to kick his shoes off and explore all that Present Place had to offer. Such a inviting, beautiful, and relaxed space filled with a great variety of toys to spark the imagination.  I personally loved the couches surrounding the perimeter of the room and the open loft style layout of the room was making it very easy to keep a watchful eye without disrupting their independence.  


Present Place is a space that promotes independent play without over stimulating the child. Majority of the toys are wood, or non-battery operated toys, and you can also find some of the toys in the play space available for purchase . There are an assortment of healthy snacks available for purchase and free coffee, tea and wifi for parents. The kitchen is fully equipped with high chairs and its okay to bring outside food as long as its nut free.



Present Place is tucked away inside a loft building on the corner of Waveland and Ravenswood Extensive Wooden Kitchen


Present Place Toy and Gift Shop 

Changing Table conveniently located in the play space stocked with changing pads, diaper disposal bags, and  wipes

Awesome Indoor Jungle Gym


Tips for your visit

Location: 3701 N. Ravenswood Ave., #247-248, Chicago, IL.

Present Place is located in an loft building on the corner of Ravenswood and Waveland Avenue and you must use buzzer #248 to gain entry into the building. Stroller parking is available on the first floor, just make sure you are not blocking any mailboxes before you head to the 2nd floor.

Parking: Free parking is available along Ravenswood and Waveland Avenues.

Hours: Closed Monday. Tuesday-Friday, 9:30am-5:30pm, Saturday & Sunday, 9:30am-12:30pm. 

Waiver: A signed waiver must be completed prior to entry. Save time by signing the waiver here online

Admission: $12 per child, $10 per first sibling (6+ months or older; babies under 6 months are free with paid sibling), and $5 per additional sibling. Admission includes same day reentry. 

Shoe-free Policy: Present place is a socks only facility. Socks MUST be worn by everyone, and if needed they are available for purchase.There are plenty of cubbies available to store your personal belongings

Nut-Free Facility: Feel free to bring your child’s lunch and snacks but please DO NOT bring any items that contain peanuts. If you forgot to bring a snack there are also an assortment of healthy snacks available for purchase. The eating area includes high chairs for your little ones and even a refrigerator, microwave, and sink all available to use.


Mom’s Best Friend…The Boppy Pillow


 Although your muscles are still sore and recovering from the birth of your child, It seems virtually impossible to get more than a couple of hours of sleep. Your clock strikes 3am and your new bundle is yelping for his nighttime feeding. Unable to differentiate between night and day, your child seems to know your body produces the most milk at nighttime. Your body feels like a snail, As you sluggishly get up and try to find the strength to feed your little one. Its takes forever for them to eat or so it seems. The Boppy pillow is just the thing you need to help make things easier.