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Holy Nails! A New, Non-Toxic Nail Salon In The North Center Neighborhood

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Keep the pampering and ditch the toxins at Lincoln Squares’s newest non-toxic nail salon. You can smell the flowers the moment you walk in and not the harmful chemicals. If you have been searching for the perfect organic and non-toxic nail salon… Look no further! Holy Nails is your match made in heaven located in the heart of North Center offering luxurious nail treatments that are as good for the environment as they are for your fingers and toes.Choosing organic nail salons is a great way to enjoy your mani-pedi without the toxins and chemicals found in mainstream salons. Holy Nails is a  nail salon that provides non-toxic polishes that are “7-Free” and carry Zoya, Ella Mila, Essie, and OPI.. 7-Free products do not contain: Formaldehyde, Toluene, DiButyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, TPHP, Xylene. All products used for pedicures are organic and disposable tools are used for each customer.

Being from Miami, a very humid climate then moving to California, a dry climate caused my skin to go thru many changes.In addition to the repeated exposure to chemicals and irritants resulted in my diagnosis of dermatitis. Due to my skin conditions, I have to be mindful of the products I use on my skin.  I have tried multiple nail treatments and through trial and error, I have found that not every treatment agrees with my skin. Acrylics are a rite of passage for many women but for me, they are a no go. I am allergic to acrylics, which cause swelling, redness, and itchiness to my hands and around my nail beds. After finding this out from my nail technician I was determined to find a non-toxic natural alternative to start my nail journey of growing my natural nails out after all the damage I had put them thru.

I found Holy Nails online on Yelp and I was excited to give them a call after viewing all the wonderful reviews on their page. I explained my situation and the goal I was trying to achieve and Veronica told me to come right in.I arrived at her beautifully decorated, flower-filled chic salon coated in a tiffany blue. She immediately recognized my voice from calling earlier and explained all the products offered in her salon and what makes them so amazing. Veronica stands behind the products she offers with you in mind. Everything she carries in the salon is natural and healthy for you, and use disposable products that are thrown our after each customers services are finished.

I felt pampered from the moment I walked in; I was offered water, tea, wine free of charge. Veronica and her staff were extremely kind and attentive, and will make sure your visit is nothing short of amazing! if you are getting a pedicure you have the option of green tea or lavender for your foot soak, scrub, and lotion.I chose Ella + Mila  Pretty In Pink for my pedicure and a dipping powder for my manicure. Dipping powder is strong like an acrylic and glossy like a gel without all the harmful chemicals. Dipping powder is natural, healthy, odor free, and uses no UV light, acrylic liquid or powder. Your nails will look and feel natural, leaving no damage to your natural nails lasting up to 14 days.

 I absolutely loved my experience at Holy Nails, it was an experience like no other. It is very rare I leave a nail salon getting exactly what I wanted.  This is my new go-to spot for my mani and pedi’s and should be yours too. Now, women don’t have to make unhealthy choices for a stylish, lasting mani and pedi.  Let Holy Nails,  soothe, smooth, and beautify your tired finger and toes.

Important Tips For Your Visit:

Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-8pm, Saturday 9:30am-7:30pm, Sunday-Closed

Address: 4146 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL, 60618

Phone: (773) 327-4705

Parking: There is free and metered parking available on Lincoln Ave

Kid-Friendly: Yes, Holy Nails is kid-friendly and offers service for your little princesses as well.  You will find yourself very tempted with their fully stocked snack bar fit for kids and adults of all ages.

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