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Mom’s Best Friend…The Boppy Pillow

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 Although your muscles are still sore and recovering from the birth of your child, It seems virtually impossible to get more than a couple of hours of sleep. Your clock strikes 3am and your new bundle is yelping for his nighttime feeding. Unable to differentiate between night and day, your child seems to know your body produces the most milk at nighttime. Your body feels like a snail, As you sluggishly get up and try to find the strength to feed your little one. Its takes forever for them to eat or so it seems. The Boppy pillow is just the thing you need to help make things easier.
When is comes to breastfeeding its no walk in the park. It is one of the most natural things you will do allowing you to create the right balance of nutrients for your baby. The antibodies in your breast milk are essential to your child’s health boosting your baby’s immune system, and helping you to shed that baby weight right off. Breastfeeding is challenging but luckily there are tools to help with the challenges ahead. The Boppy Nusing Pillow is an absolute must have for the nursing mother and has helped me tremendously on this journey.
As the time approached for my little one to arrive I made sure all my bags were packed and that my Boppy was not left behind. There was plenty of items I had packed and did not use but that was not the case for my Boppy. The Boppy is a horseshoe shaped pillow that is placed around your waist while seated to help prop your baby up to breast height. The pillow 
is supportive but flexible enough to use in various positions which will take a load off of your arms. There are so many different colors and patterns to chose from and and since the cover is removable you can throw it right in the wash

As your child grows the Boppy transitions into the perfect item for tummy time, sitting, playing, and propping. When your not breastfeeding it is the perfect pillow for mom. for some great back support.My favorite thing is there are various slipcovers for your pillow. Take a look at some of our favorite slipcovers below.

Pottery Barn Baby has a wide arrangement of slipcovers in various colors and fun new designs like chevron, stripes,and dots that will coordinate with any nursery perfectly. The slipcover can be personalized with your child’s name and the luxurious fabric is as soft as your baby’s bottom. Pottery Barn Baby $30
Transform your Boppy pillow into playtime fun! This interactive slipcover is perfect to help encourage tummy-time with your little one.Your child will love the playful colors and the attached toys or you cn remove them and link your child’s favorites
Target $19.99
Visually stimulate your child with this beautiful whale slipcover. Your little one will love looking at the whales wile enjoying tummy time and propping. Target $9.99
This slipcover is perfect for the baby jet-setter on your next getaway. This one of a kind slipcover has a beautiful aviator designs on one side and navy blue soft minky dot on the other. Create the perfect combination by adding a matching blanket. Etsy $25
Take a load off yourself and grab a Boppy for you or a friend. Believe me! You will be happy you did. The Boppy is a perfect gift that will keep giving back for the new baby and mom to be. Your gift will definitely be the belle of the baby shower. As always thanks for stopping by and remember, Be inspired…All you need to travel is YOU!

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